Brenda Erickson is a Watercolor Artist 


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who specializes in the Illustration of Family Recipes.

 I’m painting, taking orders for commissions, prints, custom prints, books, posters, etc.

Any questions please call or email – I am a small art business with personal attention to your requests.

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Brenda’s favorite paintings are your family recipes because of the many wonderful stories that come with them. When she illustrates a recipe for a client, she tries to identify what’s most important to the family in order to paint it in a personal way. For example, on the website, you’ll see several apple pie paintings all illustrated very differently for each family. She also continues to introduce recipe paintings that everyone remembers and enjoys. Living in Maine there is an endless supply of favorite recipes from childhood recipes to foods our tourists most enjoy.

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Commissioned Artwork

Commission Brenda Erickson to create a treasured heirloom of your family recipes with beautifully hand-painted watercolor.