The painting has arrived safe & sound. My goodness, it is WONDERFUL. Open-mouthed smile. I don’t know what I expected but it is beyond whatever that may be. The strange thing is that when I looked at it I got goose bumps. The recipe had always been just a recipe, nothing more, nothing less but all of a sudden it had a life. I don’t know quite how to explain that but it brought tears to my eyes. Maybe because it represents now 4 generations, it feels like a living breathing thing. – Terry

Brenda does beautiful painting of family recipes. We had her do one of my mothers pound cake and she captured it perfectly. You could even smell the cake when you saw the painting. OK that may be an overstatement but I could smell it. – Bob

My sisters, daughter-in-law and mother open the paintings at the same time. The room grew quiet, a tear or two were wiped away and then they erupted with joy as they had really received a treasure to enjoy and remember forever. – Ann

My mother absolutely loved the painting. She showed it off to as many people as she could….You have definitely made it a Christmas to remember for my family! – Nathan

During all the social gatherings at the our house everyone thought painting was fabulous. All were truly amazed! – Dianne

The painting and prints brought down the house with tears – Sue

I so appreciate the heart and soul you put into your work – everybody’s been so pleased with the prints (it even brought a tear to my dad’s eyes!) – Elizabeth

Thank you so much for the beautiful painting!! It was my husband’s very favorite present he received this Christmas! We Love it! – Betsy

Working with Brenda was an absolute pleasure. Her creativity and attention to detail impressed this self-professed anal-retentive person! – Jennifer

Everyone loved the painting and prints. It was especially special and brought extra meaning to everyone – Cheryl

Thank you for the wonderful painting! My mom really liked it and it is now hanging prominently in our kitchen. She made the recipe in celebration! -alee

They received our package with the Recipe Painting and they said they ‘were over the moon!’ They loved it! I felt wonderful and I wanted you to know your art is appreciated internationally! – Bonnie