6. Your Recipe Painting

  • YOUR Recipe Painting Original Recipe Painting™ -- Finished Size: 11x14 matted and framed $425.00, plus tax and shipping. Available prints - to go with YOUR Recipe Painting™ -- Prints Finished size 8x10, signed, matted and framed $35.00, plus tax, shipping. Procedure: 1. Call or email Brenda to discuss the recipe YOU have in mind. brenda@recipepaintings.com or 207-529-5367 2. Email or mail YOUR recipe in a written form. 3. Brenda will talk with YOU to find out what is most important, such as food, brands, finished product or ingredients only, bowls, spoons, etc. to best illustrate a Recipe Painting™ that is personal to YOU. -- She will discuss with YOU options of how YOUR painting will look. Her goal is to paint your story for your recipe. -- As you proceed, you will proof the sketch and proof the writing. -- She will also tell YOU approximately when YOUR painting will be completed.